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Wood Heaters Mandurah – Perth

A wood heater adds ambiance to your home and a sense of luxury to be enjoyed by you and your guests. They come in many different styles and are fit for many purposes. Not only a showpiece, our wood heaters are functional as well. Slow-combustion wood heaters are enclosed and therefore much more efficient than an open fire, they use less wood than traditional wood fires and some are so efficient they can burn overnight, ensuring consistent and lasting heating throughout your home. They are the most cost efficient method when heating your home and are environmentally friendly as they use a renewable energy source. Each fire has a natural undertone and brings an atmosphere of tranquility to your home. At iBreeze, we offer a wide range of styles and brands for installation in Mandurah. Whether you are welcoming a wood heater as a new addition, renovating, or building, we can help you design and select the perfect wood heater for your needs.


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Our Convection Wood Heaters


Our Radiant Wood Heaters

The experienced teams at iBreeze are experts on wood heaters and can match you with a product to suit your needs. No matter if you are looking for a sustainable heating solution or stunning centerpiece for your living areas, we have a wood heater for you. We stock variety of brands and styles along with an in-depth knowledge on how they work and which spaces are suitable. We only work with the finest quality products and hold our craftsmanship to the highest of standards. Just imagine the warm and cozy feeling you’ll get sitting by the fire with the family or cuddling up during the winter, there is simply nothing like it. If you are considering wood heating for your home contact us today and we can provide a practical and visually stunning heating solution for your home.


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If you’re looking to experience the best service that Mandurah and surrounding areas have to offer then you’ve come to the right place. We are a local family run business that knows their way around town. We also have unparalleled expertise when it comes to what’s best for the Mandurah climate. Whether you are building, renovating, or just making a few upgrades, our local team has the relevant knowledge and experience to confidently recommend which Air Conditioning system, Solar Power set up, or Wood Heating solution will best suit your family or business. When contacting iBreeze, you won’t be met with pushy sales representatives trying to make a quota, you’ll be met with locals just like you who understand your needs and know exactly how to achieve your desired income. We buy our stock directly from the manufacturer so you know you’re getting competitive prices from a trusted dealer with small town quality service.


At iBreeze we think it’s important that you are educated on every choice you make about your homes Air Conditioning, Solar, and Wood Heating solutions. That’s why we offer free quotes. We can come to you home or commercial space, suggest the best solution for your needs, and talk you through the process with no financial commitment to start. Our quotes are also obligation free so you don’t feel any pressure to rush decisions on your investment. Our team is helpful and honest about the potential for your space and can suggest what solution will be right for you based on your needs, budget, and design. Whether you are building, renovating, or just making a few upgrades, we can assess your current situation and inform you on the best way forward. You’ve got nothing to lose so call our friendly local team today to request a free, no obligation quote from the professionals at iBreeze.


In our industry, experience is everything. We know the best brands, models, and designs for your home and have been customising Air Conditioning, Solar, and Wood Heating solutions for homes around the Mandurah and surrounding areas for years. By choosing to work with iBreeze you know you’re getting the best result possible for your home. We have extremely high standards for our entire team from customer service to installation. Our employees know the value of honest advice and recommendations and strive to only suggest what is best for the customers needs. From small residential installations and upgrades to huge commercial spaces, we have it all covered. We’ve perfected our techniques and processes to ensure the fastest completion time at the lowest competitive prices possible. We even source our products straight form the manufacturer, to ensure you’re getting the best deal available. So give the friendly local iBreeze team a call today and experience the best in craftsmanship and customer service.


We are the best when it comes to customer service and Air Conditioning, Solar, and Wood Heater installation in Mandurah and surrounding areas. So it only makes sense we would work with the best brands. When talking about installing a new or upgraded Air Conditioning system in your home or commercial space its hard to go past Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, LG, and local hero Jarrahdale. These brands are trusted names in the industry and each has something to offer to your home or workplace. What ever the best option for you turns out to be, your new system will have your family or coworkers relaxing comfortably in no time. When talking Solar Power we usually stick with heavy weights SMA, ABB, Jinko. These world-renowned companies have great support networks across the country, which means we can build relationships with the supplier personally and get your new Solar Power solution for the best price possible. Our installation team is highly qualified and second-to-none when it comes to craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the work we deliver no matter how big or small the job may be.


Apart from expert advice and quality outcomes, when you choose to work with iBreeze you will experience the best of customer service in Mandurah. When you call for a quote or enquiry our owner will most likely greet you. It’s this commitment to our customer’s satisfaction that has allowed us to continue delivering the best Air Conditioning, Solar Power, and Wood Heating service in Mandurah and surrounds. Even after your expert consultation and installation, iBreeze will continue to be available to you if you have any questions or concerns after installation. We can even help service your system to ensure your family’s comfort is maintained throughout the years. We appreciate our customers and believe that the relationship extends well beyond a physical transaction, that’s why our customers become customers for life. So contact us today for a free, no obligation quote or just to ask about our services and experience the best customer service Mandurah and surrounding regions has to offer.


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