Solar Power, Wood Heating & Air Conditioning Mandurah

Interest Free Finance Options Available


1.5 - 2.5 KW

Up To $2000 Rebate!

On our smaller solar systems (1.5KW – 2.5KW) the government incentive we can take off your price up front is up to $2000!

3 - 4 KW

Up To $3500 Rebate!

Our Mid-Range residential solar systems
(3KW – 4KW) allow us to claim up to $3500 on your behalf!

5 - 6 KW

Up To $4800 Rebate!

Our most popular large solar systems
(5KW – 6KW) allow a government incentive of up to $4800!



How Does the Solar Rebate (Incentive Scheme) Work?

Each solar system is allocated a certain number of certificates (STC’s). The more powerful a solar system is the more certificates it is worth. Each of these certificates is worth a certain dollar value which varies depending on the market. As we speak the certificate price is about the highest value we have ever seen meaning it’s a great time to purchase. An example is out 5kW system is worth 104 certificates. Each of these certificates are currently valued at $38.40 which means you are entitled to a rebate (incentive) of $3993.60!


Do I Qualify?

Most people qualify for the solar rebate (incentive) however there are a number of items that need to be adhered to: –

You must install using a fully qualified installer (like iBreeze :)) –

You must be connecting the system to the grid (Electricity network) it cannot be a standalone system.

You must get approval from Synergy and WP prior to qualifying (iBreeze can do these approvals for you)


How Long is the Rebate Available?

We would advise you to get your quote for Solar power sooner rather than later. This is because the number of (STC’s) certificates each solar system is allocated will be reducing in the future meaning the rebate (incentive) amount will decrease. The certificate value is also at a near all-time high at the moment making our solar systems even more affordable!


How do I Get the Rebate?

We make it easy because we will take the rebate off your invoice at point of sale and do the running around in getting it back on your behalf! This saves you negotiating with STC traders to re-coup the rebate yourself. An example for you is if you were looking to purchase a 5kW system worth $8243.40, we will take the rebate amount of $3993.40 off leaving you with the balance to pay only – $4250.00. We even have finance options so you can pay your system off from anywhere to 6 months to 36 months. Essentially you can pay your system off with the electricity savings you are making!


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