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Gas Log Fires Mandurah – Perth


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Gas Log Fires Mandurah – Perth

There is something special about sitting in front of a fireplace in the cooler months. Gas Log Fires provide the ambiance of traditional fireplaces; but without the hassle of the maintenance and clean up involved. Gas Log Fires are the cleaner heating option – providing optimal warmth and ambiance, but without the production of smoke and ash.

Gas Log Fires Mandurah - Perth

How Do Gas Log Fires Work?

The gas vents of a gas log fireplace are covered by incombustible logs. Propane or natural gas is pumped through holes in the logs. When the gas is ignited, the flames burn on the surface of the logs, creating the appearance that the logs are burning.

Rinnai Gas Log Fires

Here at iBreeze, we are proud to stock Rinnai Gas Log Fires. The sleek and contemporary range of Rinnai Gas Log Fires not only heat your space beautifully, they also serve as a stunning centerpiece for your home.

Energy-efficient heating

Expertly engineered using the latest technology, Rinnai’s gas log fires offer up to a 5.5 star energy efficiency rating.

Cutting edge design

New flame technology

Rinnai is dedicated to creating an authentic fireplace experience. The LS 800 model features FlameTech™ technology, where gas flames emanate from the logs and the embers, providing the illusion of real burning.

Realistic wood and stone

Taking inspiration from nature, Rinnai logs and stones are made from lifelike ceramic – with grain and texture to replicate driftwood and natural stone. The result is an incredibly realistic fireplace experience, which you will be unable to differentiate from the real thing.

Non-reflective glass casing

All models in the LS series are designed with non-reflective glass, in order not to detract from the ambiance of the fireplace. The glass is fully removable, making cleaning easy.

Customisable heating options

The Gas Log Fire Models from the LS series can be controlled via Rinnai’s Gas Fire App for iOS and Android. This allows you to turn your fireplace on and off, thermostatically control your desired temperature and even set your preferred flame height all at the click of a button. This allows you to achieve the perfect level of comfort in your space.

Rinnai Gas Log Fires

Gas Log Fire Installation Mandurah and Perth

At iBreeze, we can work with almost any existing space when it comes to installing a Gas Log Fire at your home. Even if you don’t have a traditional fireplace, there are various installation options available which don’t involve taking up excess space in your living room. Reach out to the experts at iBreeze for more information on which Gas Log Fire model is right for you and your space.

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