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Why do Air Conditioner Installers need to be 'Licenced'?

Posted: February 25, 2020
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Refrigerated Air Conditioning System

In Australia, it is illegal to have a refrigerated air conditioning system installed by an unlicensed installer. Licensed installers must complete work to the current legal standards.

This means that they have to install the system correctly. Anyone wanting to install, service or repair a refrigerated air conditioning system (or any other piece of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment) must be a licensed technician; that is, they must hold a Refrigerant Handling Licence issued by The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Both the authorisation and licence will display the ARC tick of approval (go to for more information).

Further to this, any electrical work also needs to be carried out by a fully qualified electrical technician. It’s no use getting the system installed properly only to have it wired up incorrectly by a ‘cowboy’ because this could cause the unit to fail and leave you with no warranty at all on your new air conditioning system. You should receive an electrical certificate on completion of the electrical work from the technician on the day.

Professional installation by a qualified technician(s) will ensure that:

  • 1. Your refrigerated air con system is installed and mounted correctly

  • 2. All wiring and electrical is carried out to correct Australian standards.

  • 3. Your new air con system will operate safely and efficiently.

  • 4. Your warranty will be valid. Most major manufacturers product warranty is wholly dependent on the system being installed by a licensed refrigeration and electrical technician. Your installer should provide you with a compliance certificate for any future warranty claims if required.

  • 5. Qualified air conditioner installers can also help you design the perfect system for your home, office or building and advise you on which air conditioning unit is best for you.

In older systems or units using older equipment that still use old R22, the refrigerant is both a synthetic greenhouse gas and an ozone depleting substance, which means that it is extremely detrimental on the environment when released into the atmosphere.

If refrigerant does leak from your refrigerated air conditioner throughout installation and service work, not only is the refrigerant harming the environment but the system will use more electricity (become less efficient) as it works harder to deliver the same amount of heating or cooling with less refrigerant. This increases your electricity bill, shortens the life of your air con system and does unnecessary damage to the environment.

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