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Understanding Split System Air Conditioning Features

Posted: January 9, 2019
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Split System Air Conditioning Features

When a homeowner or business manager chooses to have a split system air conditioning installation, it can feel a little like buying a new car. There are basic models that can get you from A to B and more advanced systems with a wide variety of extra features. By default, many systems sold these days come with air purifying filters and a wireless remote control as standard. However, there are now smart features available that can really make a big difference in how your air conditioning systems work and how you interact with it.

Adopting Intelligent Power Saving

Some split system air conditioning systems have an infrared sensor that can detect any movement in a room. Then the system will take steps to enhance the indoor comfort levels. When the room becomes empty, after around 20 minutes, the air conditioner switches to an energy saving mode to reduce the power bill. Then if someone re-enters the room, the system will return to the original setting, and it can even direct the airflow away to provide a draft free cooling experience. This is a great way to have on demand performance and save money at the same time with little to no input from the user.

Controlling Your Indoor Climate via a Smartphone

It’s now possible to leave the home for a short or a more extended period of time and have the home as cool as you need on your return. In the past, it was necessary to set a physical timing system that worked fine, but it lacked any flexibility for unforeseen circumstances. Now, thanks to a simple WiFi connection and an app you can use your smartphone to program and control your indoor climate. If something unexpected happens, you can change your cooling or heating requirements on the fly to save energy.

Cleaning and Purifying the Indoor Air

Many Australians now suffer from airborne allergies and asthma that can make their lives miserable, especially during the summer months. Many air conditioning mandurah systems now have air cleaning technology, and there are more advanced filters available. An advanced clean air purifier will be able to trap airborne dust particulates, absorb and render harmless harmful bacteria and even deodorize the air for a fresher indoor climate.

Improving Economy without Compromising Performance

Some AC systems have an economy mode to reduce power consumption. The amount of maximum power used by the air conditioner is limited, and this can significantly lighten the load on your electrical system. This is especially useful when multiple appliances are being used in your home at the same time. Some other systems also have a standby function that will shut off power supplied to the outdoor unit when it’s not in use. This will ensure that you’re not wasting money on power that is not going to be used.

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