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How to light your wood heater?

Posted: July 15, 2019
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Wood Heating Mandurah

So you have your new wood heater installed but are having trouble lighting it. The easiest way to light your wood fire is to lay two pieces of wood side by side with a fist sized gap between them. These two pieces of wood should be about 15cm high. Next step is to scrunch up 3-4 pieces of newspaper and put it in-between the two pieces of wood. Then we recommend you place 2 fire lighters on top of the newspaper; one near the back and one near the front of the heater. Finally you want to start stacking the wood across the two large pieces of wood you have setup. Use small kindling and lay them all the same direction leaving about a 1cm gap in between. Once this is completed, light the fire and continue to carefully stack the kindling the other way until you have 2-3 rows stacked on each other. The size of the kindling can get bigger as you keep stacking. Please make sure you leave adequate space in between the kindling so the wood fire can breathe! Also make sure you have the air dampeners fully open so the fire can roar! Place a couple of bigger pieces of wood on top of the kindling and simply close the door and leave the wood heater for 20 minutes or so. Your wood heater should be blazing by now so you can start to put bigger pieces of wood on and adjust the air controllers to suit.

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