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How does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Posted: September 3, 2019
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Ducted refrigerated air conditioning

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning involves an outdoor condenser unit and indoor fan coil which work together to distribute the ideal tempered air into your home or office.

The outdoor Ducted refrigerated air conditioning unit has a fan (or fans) a compressor and coil. When operating the fan funnel s air over the coil that contains refrigerant. This transfers heating or cooling from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. If in cooling mode, hot air will be pushed out from the outdoor unit which cools the refrigerant. This refrigerant is then pumped back through to the indoor unit where the indoor fan pushes air across the coil which delivers cold air into the home. The opposite process happens when the ducted air conditioning system is in heating mode.

Here is a simple breakdown of the actions in cooling mode (reversed for heating) -

  1. The ducted air conditioning system pulls in warm air from inside the room through a return air grille with filter.

  2. This warm air flows moves a set of coils which contains the cold refrigerant. As the air moves over the coils, the fluid becomes hotter while the air becomes colder.

  3. The air conditioning systems indoor fan then blows the air back into the room. Over time, this cycle will cool the room to your desired temperature.

  4. The refrigerant fluid which made the air colder, but absorbed all the heat, now has to be cooled down again. It flows through the compressor and the pressure is increased, and then cooled down through the condenser unit.

  5. Now the gas repeats its cycle to cool again.

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