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How to hide your air conditioning system outdoor unit

Posted: September 16, 2019
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When purchasing a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system, wall split, cassette or multi-head air con system you need to consider the location of the outdoor unit. Here at iBreeze we consider this a very important part of the design phase because the outdoor units blow out extreme temperature air, from 1 degree - 60 degrees. They also make some noise because they have either a single or twin fan plus multiple compressors. You obviously dont want this outdoor unit installed under your outdoor entertaining area or right next to a bedroom window.

At iBreeze, we will normally give our clients a couple of options for the outdoor unit locations. If there is no suitable position on the ground around the home we have other options to accommodate your needs.

Roof Brackets - We can install the outdoor units on the roof on specially manufactured roof brackets. Roof mounting the outdoor air conditioning unit is a great option to get the system completely out of sight. The outdoor air con units are specifically designed to be in the weather throughout the year.

Wall Brackets - Wall mounting the outdoor unit air conditioning system is another option if the ground is only sand or dirt. The wall brackets allow us to install the unit above the ground which is a popular option particularly with new homes that havent had the final paving or concrete poured but they plan too at a later stage.

If the outdoor unit is ground mounted we use specially designed plastic unit mounts so the system sits up off the ground around 15cm which makes for ease of cleaning and disburses air better.

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