Refrigerated Air Conditioning Mandurah

It’s an interesting time in the refrigerated air conditioning industry throughout the Mandurah region. We have seen times change in regards to purchases of ducted air conditioning systems for residential installations. Almost all homes that are built now days come supplied with an air conditioning system from the builder. Clients think they are getting a good deal by … Continue reading “Refrigerated Air Conditioning Mandurah”

Can You Save Money With A Solar Hot Water System?

One of the main reasons for using renewable energy sources to run a household is to lower carbon gas emissions and subsequently, the household’s carbon footprint. With the rise in the costs of running a household, another compelling reason why people shift from their current electric water heating system to a solar hot water system … Continue reading “Can You Save Money With A Solar Hot Water System?”

Choices For Wood Heater Installation – Free-standing or Built-in?

Once you have decided to push through with a new wood heater installation, the next decision to make is deciding which type of wood heater will work best for your home. The two main types of wood heaters are the free-standing and built-in wood heaters. Each comes with their own unique features, advantages, and costs. … Continue reading “Choices For Wood Heater Installation – Free-standing or Built-in?”