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7 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer: How to Reduce Costs and Keep Cool

Posted: May 28, 2020
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At this time of the year, many of us are looking forward to those long, hot summer days. Relaxing on the beach and enjoying an evening BBQ. However, sometimes the heat can be too much. Trying to work or sleep on those very hot summer days or nights may be unbearable without a good air conditioner. But a lot of people are concerned about the costs of running an air conditioner during summer. However, there are many ways to reduce costs and still get the most out of your air conditioner during the hotter months.

1. Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning parts, such as filters and coils need regular maintenance to ensure the system continues to work efficiently. Regular maintenance can help to save money in the long run. If you neglect your air conditioner, it may steadily decline in performance while energy use increases. This means it will cost more to run. Yearly maintenance should be performed by a qualified technician, and although this costs money, it will save money in the long run. A Mandurah air conditioning professional can identify any small problems early and prevent them becoming costly repairs in the future.

2. Clean Filters

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis is important and is something most people can do themselves. If the filters become dirty or clogged, normal airflow is reduced and this forces the system to struggle, reducing efficiency and costing more to run.

3. Clean the Outside Unit

Part of maintaining your air conditioner is paying attention to the outdoor unit. Depending on where it’s located you may or may not be able to do this yourself. However, to ensure your air conditioner continues to run efficiently, make sure the outdoor unit is free from any dirt, debris, or leaves.

4. Adjust the Temperature

One of the most energy-efficient things you can do is setting a comfortable temperature that doesn’t overwork your air conditioner. It’s recommended to set your thermostat between 22 and 24 degrees. If you can avoid setting your air conditioner too cold in summer, you can reduce running costs.

5. Consider Ceiling Fans

Another way to reduce the running costs of your air conditioner is to use ceiling fans if you have them or are willing to install them. One way you can do this is to run your air conditioner for a short period of time when you enter the home. Once the room has cooled, turn it off and use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air. Ceiling fans may also allow you to increase the temperature on your air conditioner slightly while still maintaining a comfortable environment.

6. Seal and Insulate Your Home

It would be a waste of energy and money to run your air conditioner when there is hot air leaking into your home. Make sure you seal any leaks or cracks to prevent this from happening. Also, if your home isn’t already insulated, this will provide a huge money-saving benefit when running your air conditioner.

7. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Another area where heat gets in is the windows. Energy efficient windows can minimise the use of air conditioners. While modern technology has made it possible for windows to insulate against heat (and cold) up to four times better than normal windows. Options include low e-glass, double glazed and good weather seals.

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