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5 Top Tips for Effective Domestic Wood Heating

Posted: February 13, 2019
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Domestic Wood Heating Mandurah

When they think about wood heating, Rockingham based residents may imagine fireplaces and chimneys belching out air pollution. Wood heating can be a polluting way to heat your home, but the effects can be mitigated a great deal if you take some simple steps. It is possible to reduce the environmental effects and minimize your expenses by following these five tips for heating your home with a wood heater.

Only Burn Wood

This may seem like a strange point to make, but some people burn more than wood in their wood heater. It’s essential to avoid burning materials, such as glossy magazine paper, plastics, plywood, particle board, synthetic fabrics, foil, diapers and painted or laminated wood, in your wood heater. These materials release toxic fumes when burned which are dangerous to inhale and bad for the environment.

Only Burn Seasoned Firewood

Any firewood that you burn should be well seasoned to get a cleaner and more efficient burn. Seasoning firewood takes at least a year, and this type of wood can be easily identified by cracks in the end of the wood pieces. If you hit two pieces of seasoned firewood together, you can hear a distinct sharp cracking noise compared to a duller thud that you can hear from regular unseasoned wood.

Split the Firewood

The wood dries during seasoning from the outer surface first and then inwards to the core. So, if you don’t split your firewood, it will take longer to dry, and it could take a year to become seasoned. Splitting the firewood will expose more surface area and speed up the drying process significantly. If the firewood is stacked very loosely, this will allow the air to circulate in and around the wood, and this will also speed up drying and seasoning.

Only Have Just Enough Firewood Indoors

Some people bring large quantities of firewood into their homes in order to pre-dry it for burning. This is not very useful if the wood is not already seasoned, it won’t burn well anyway and this is counterproductive. In fact, having a lot of firewood in your home could even release a great deal of humidity into your indoor air. It’s a better idea to bring in a day's worth of firewood at a time. Tap the wood to get rid of any spider and place it into a carrying box or sling to carry it from your woodshed.

Always Store Firewood Outside

The firewood should be cut, split and stacked in a sheltered woodshed out of the elements. As we mentioned earlier, air circulation is essential, so stack loose and keep the bottom of the stack off the ground. If you’re burning wood pellets or designer logs for ambience, keep them dry, and you can always use a tarpaulin to keep out any excess moisture if necessary.

If they are looking into wood heating, Mandurah based homeowners should get in touch with us here at iBreeze for more information.

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